I’m writing a book of the same name as this blog: How to Help Your Child with Fifth Grade Mathematics.

Or, rather, I will be, starting on April 1, 2013 at Camp NaNoWriMo.

I spent a couple of hours today preparing some folders and documents in Scrivener, the program I use for most of my writing. I haven’t started writing yet, but I did some organization today, getting sections of the book ready for me to write.

I’m a teacher of fifth grade students. I work at a public elementary school in San Francisco, California. I’m very familiar with the standards for mathematics that California currently uses.

We’re moving towards the Common Core standards, and those standards will be the basis for this book. My hope is that parents all over the country will find this book helpful.

I know that the State of California has already modified the Common Core standards for mathematics slightly. They have added a handful of standards. Other states, I’m sure, are doing the same. My hope is that this blog will be a conduit of information, so that I can prepare a book that will be helpful in states other than California. I’m hoping that parents in other states will contact me here and let me know how I can make the book better.

As such, I’m going to publish the book through Leanpub. If you purchase the book, you will get an ebook, in the format of your choosing. You can read a PDF version of the book on your computer, whether it be Mac or Windows. You will also be able to download an EPUB version to read on your iPad or Nook, or you may download a MOBI version for your Kindle.

When I update the book, as I plan to do based on information I receive from readers, such as standards added by individual states to the Common Core standards, then you will be able to download an updated version of the book at no additional charge.


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