Summer Writing – Typos, Minor Revision, and Measurement

So, I’ve finished teaching for another year. I’ve promoted another 32 students from fifth grade to sixth grade, from elementary school to middle school. Now it’s time for me to reflect, read, and write.

I’m always in a mood to reflect on the past year as the school year comes to a close. I’ve been thinking a lot about mathematics, because I’m working on How to Help Your Child with Fifth Grade Mathematics. But I’m also thinking about how beginning to actually teach the Common Core Standards for Mathematics in my classroom next year will be different for me. While a big portion of the standards are similar enough to what I’ve taught in the past, I’m not too worried. But I do want to take this opportunity to rethink things. It’s a sea change, and I want to go with the flow.

Yesterday, I went through the chapters I’d previously finished, and corrected some typographical errors I had made. I also made some minor revisions, adding a bit here and there, and cutting out a little bit in one chapter.

I want to get enough writing done that by the end of this first week in June, I can update the published book on Leanpub. At this point, I estimate that the book is only 10% complete. My goal is to get a completed first draft by the time I go back to work in mid-August.

Today, I worked on the glossary, adding terms and definitions for each of the finished chapters so far. And I worked on the first chapter in Measurement and Data. This one had me stumped a bit yesterday, as I began to think about it. It’s something new for me to teach, a new standard entirely than what I’ve taught in this domain previously, using the California standards.

I’ll have to find or make my own example problems, but in the meantime, I found this unpacked content document from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction helpful.


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