Sample of book is ready

Tomorrow, I will publish an updated version of my book, How to Help Your Child with Fifth Grade Mathematics. That version will include the new material I have written over the past two weeks, as well as some minor revisions.

In thinking about tomorrow’s post, I realized that I had finished one of my goals, which was to publish a good sample of my book. If you’re like me, and have an e-reader device or use apps for reading e-books, then you’ve probably downloaded a free sample of a book you were interested in. I have yet to be impressed by any of these samples.

I decided I would do a better job with my book. Somewhere on the Leanpub website – which I cannot locate at this time – I read something about their samples. This inspired me.

The samples of e-books that I have downloaded have been short. Too short to get a feel for the book. Often, too much of the sample is taken up with copyright info and a table of contents. For a fiction book, I want the first chapter. If you don’t have me hooked by then, I’m probably not going to read your book.  For a non-fiction book, I want to skip ahead, and look at different parts of the book.

That’s what I’ve done with my book. The sample PDF that I’m currently looking at on my iPad runs 131 pages. And the table of contents is just for the sample. This is a really smart thing that the Leanpub people have done. If you click on one of the chapter titles in the table of contents, you’ll be taken to that chapter in the sample. I’m not going to waste your time giving you info in the table of contents that you can’t actually sample.

On the other hand, I have included the Introduction. The introduction does include information on all five domains, as well as all the chapters. So, the sample PDF gives you the best of both worlds. The table of contents will take you to what is actually in the sample, while the introductory chapter is for the complete book.

Full disclosure: the Introduction is not yet complete. I have yet to write the basic introduction to the Common Core Standards, but I have completed the How to Use This Book part.

What’s a domain? Under the Common Core Standards for Mathematics, there are five domains that categorize the different areas of mathematics. They are:

  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking
  • Number and Operations in Base Ten
  • Number and Operations – Fractions
  • Measurement and Data
  • Geometry

Accordingly, I have divided (math humor) the book into five sections, one for each domain. Each domain has a small introduction, which I have included in the sample PDF. And I have included the first chapter for each domain in the sample.

The domain on Operations and Algebraic Thinking has chapter 1, titled Use Parentheses and Evaluate Expressions.

Chapter 5, titled Understand Place Value, begins the domain section for Number and Operations in Base Ten.

The domain, Number and Operations – Fractions, begins with chapter 13, titled Add and Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators.

Chapter 21, Convert Measurement Units, is the sample chapter for the Measurement and Data domain.

Finally, the Geometry domain is represented by chapter 27, titled Understand Coordinate Graphing.

I have also included the glossary, which is in the Appendix.

And, last but certainly not least, – (more math humor) – I have included Chapter 0, which is an introduction to the Standards for Mathematical Practice. These are eight standards that run throughout all mathematics and can be applied in all of the domains.

Full disclosure: the chapter on the Mathematical Practice standards is also incomplete. I have prepared an edited version of the standards, removing references to middle and high school, but I have yet to add my own comments on each of these standards. That is forthcoming.

I hope you will find the sample of my book more than satisfactory. It might not be as good as picking up an actual book and thumbing through it to decide whether or not you want to buy it, but as e-books go, I think this is an acceptable solution (yet more math humor).


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