Release 1.4.1

Release Notes: 1.4.1

Chapter 17 Interpret Multiplication as Scaling is now complete. It was partially complete in release 1.3.1.

Chapter 9 Multiply Whole Numbers and Chapter 23 Volume of Solid Figures are now complete.

I did some online research regarding the various state additions to the Common Core State Standards. Accordingly, I have updated those chapters.

Chapter 4 is partially done. It does address Algebraic Patterning, a topic addressed by Kansas in their standards. It does not yet address the standard added by California.

I also updated Chapter 26, adding some discussion of Probability & Statistics, also from Kansas.

Chapters 12 and 20 are still reserved. There are no state additions to those domains that I am yet aware of.

I have also added to the Introduction, some paragraphs on the the development of this book and some background information on the Common Core State Standards.

I have calculated that How to Help Your Child with Fifth Grade Mathematics is now 53% complete.

Please look for the next release in two weeks.


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